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Corporate Photography

GeminiPhotos photographer, David Weis, specializes in photographing Executives in their environment. Working in and around the New York area his unique ability to interact with his clients allows him to capture compelling images.

We understand that corporations have a wide range of photographic needs. To address this need, we offer different custom packages that can be customized specifically for your organization.

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Corporate Portraiture
There are many ways to present the individuals within an organization. GeminiPhotos works professionally with everyone involved to create the images needed. Here are just some of the many portrait options.

Standard Business Portrait:

The standard business portrait is the mainstay of corporate portraiture, and is typically used for web pages, personal bios, and press releases. We can photograph a single executive or an entire division.

Workplace Portrait:

In contrast to the Standard Business Portrait, the Workplace Portrait is a more formal image that places the individual in a business type setting. These images can be used for annual reports, magazine cover stories, or editorial features were a more visually appealing image is needed.

Lifestyle Portraits

Corporations now need to portray their culture and lifestyle more than ever. The Lifestyle portrait presents the 'feel' of the company. These images, usually carefully arranged, are intended to convey the philosophy of the organization and are much more upbeat, energetic and active.

Personality Portraits

Sometimes the business portrait just doesn't work and instead a more expressive, spontaneous feel is needed. This may be to fulfill a need for an editorial or website. This portrait allows the individual to express their personality and to capture the individuality of Corporate staff and executives. Props that show the individual's passions are sometimes involved, as is the location and type of lighting sued. The key to this portrait is the interaction with the photographer, and the energy of the subject.

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Event Photography
Gemini Photos provides professional commercial & event photography. Our photographers provide unobtrusive candid coverage of your event, in a variety of styles. Many of our event images have later been leveraged within corporate print and video productions.

As we utilize the latest in imagery technology, we are able to easily provide unique services, such as onsite printing, production of audio visual presentation material for use at the event, and real time viewing of pictures taken just minutes ago. This allows your event organizers to provide the participants with meaningful mementos.

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